Five tips to tell a temper tantrum from a meltdown

Five tips to tell a temper tantrum from a meltdown

Overview & purpose

Group Response

Autism & violent behaviour.

The myth of Invariably Violent Autism.

Anatomy of meltdown.

And here are the tips!

The Five Tips to tell tantrums from meltdown.

    Olga  Bogdashina
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    Olga Bogdashina

    Terramagnus and his Neurodiversity 2.0 manifesto

    Neurodiversity movement: past we are proud of, future we doubt

    Our raison d’être


    About The Author

    I belong to Generation X, born just a little too early for qualifying as a millennial. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition. I was in my late 30s, and if it were not for an unusual constellation of events, I might have still been convinced that my exceptional ability to diagnose ASC and my skill in establishing human connection (aka therapeutic rapport) with "spectrum-y" patients was entirely due to being married to a wonderful male representative of autistic persons and creating two most beautiful, most intelligent and most {fill in the blank} children together: both firmly on the Spectrum.

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