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The Story


Once upon a time, I was a medical Consultant-in-Training, specialising in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.  I worked with children and young people that would struggle to cope with challenges that life had thrown at them and who, as a result, developed mental illness.   

Autistic traits were very common in my patients, even if no-one around them even mentioned these traits as a reason for concern…

Aged 36, I learned that I myself met diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC): namely, Atypical Autism.  It was a bizarre experience: on one hand, I was genuinely shocked, because I had never seriously suspected I would one day be diagnosed with ASC myself.

On the other hand, I had reached my lowest point in years: literally, the rock bottom.  I was chauffering my daughter & husband around, to give me reason to get out of bed, to give my day some semblance of structure.  My career was over before I had to submit my notice.   I came to blame myself for all the failures leading to this state of affairs: everyone else did!


What we do


We have a range of services that you can use to help improve your life, including conducting a preliminary diagnostic assessment, advocating with other professionals for prescribing medication, signposting, short-term supportive counselling, etc.

More services include helping families and individuals, such as life-coaching, a short couple or family intervention, Parenting advice, etc.

Our vision is guaranteed provision of accessible healthcare, education (incl. social skills training, learning support & career guidance) & workplace support to every Autism Spectrum Human throughout their lifetime.  Our mission is global universal education and training in Autism.

As the Autism-Doctor I use my clinical knowledge and skills plus my personal experience as an AS lady raising my two AS children with my AS husband to give everyone opportunity to learn about the fascinating Autism Spectrum and to give Autistic People with their loved ones tools necessary to live a fulfilled, happy life, according to each individual’s potential.


our vision

Accessible healthcare, education & workplace support for every human on Autism Spectrum throughout their lifetime.

our mission

Creating a seismic shift in society’s understanding of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Autism Spectrum Humans (ASHes).


Who is Autism Doctor?




That’s me, in the picture, next to Professor Tony Attwood. I am a 40 yo physician – Psychiatrist, in fact.  In April 2016, Dr Quentin Deeley, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist at the National Autism Unit at Maudsley Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry & his lovely colleague, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, diagnosed me formally with Atypical Autism at the end of the whole day-long assessment process.

(That is to say, my diagnosis is 100% legit).

information & opinions

Advice & suggestions for achieving success (whatever your personal meaning of “success”) while living your Autistic life to the fullest;  parenting advice on raising your “little professor”; Autism-related news, scientific discoveries in plain English, hot topic debates (think Autism politics)  and, of course, my opinions – I am VERY  opinionated! – in one word:


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