Supporting ADULTS & FAMILIES on Autism Spectrum:






Counselling autistic professionals


 Services for Individuals

 I am BOTH Expert by Training AND Expert by Experience. 

My offer is unique: I have experienced autism from every possible angle. 

  • I am a Psychiatrist, earning my Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) in 2013.
  • I am a mother of two kids on the spectrum. 
  • My wonderful husband - of course, on the spectrum, too - and I have been together for nearly 20 years. 
  • I was diagnosed with Atypical Autism myself in 2016.

Postdiagnostic support

There are no services at present available for those diagnosed with ASC: private or NHS.  I really needed a few more appointments with my diagnostician, to think things through, to decide what it all means for me and how it will change my life.  So, I am offering this service to others now, so you can benefit from what I needed so dearly.


pre-diagnostic Counselling

Getting a formal diagnosis is a big step, with potential legal implication.  Not to mention the emotional drain of waiting for the diagnosis for months (NHS) or spending a substantial sum of money on seeking a private ASC assessment.

I am here for you, to accompany you through the decision process, with guidance as appropriate.

I will also explain what to expect during an assessment and how to prepare for it to make it as productive as possible.

Not only that, I will also give you tips on choosing the most qualified diagnostician, and will give you recommendations/private referral.

Mentoring & "life coaching"

Ongoing emotional support, assisting you with figuring out what the diagnosis means for you and - of course - socratic problem-solving.

 Services for Healthcare Professionals

You risk prosecution.  Everyday, you may be breaking the law - unintentionally, of course.  You didn't know.  You didn't know what you didn't know.

Unfortunately, lack of training doesn't stand in the court of law.

The Autism Act 2009 - which made history as the first disability-specific law passed by Westminster parliament EVER! - clearly states that NHS must make provisions for patients on Autism Spectrum.

The Equality Act 2010 bans discriminating based on any one of the "protected characteristics": disability is one of them, along with gender, age, race, sexual orientation, etc.  

Autism is specifically listed as a potential "disability".  

I offer the full benefits of my knowledge - personal experience & professional expertise - to you: as in-house sessions, webinars and online courses. Flexible & fully customisable.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

The unique nature of my offer is in ME: because I AM YOUR COLLEAGUE, with years of experiences in a variety of specialties, including General Practice.  I know how you work.  Therefore I already have a framework of your learning needs; i.e., what is THE MOST IMPORTANT stuff I must teach you.  Important for your own clinical practice when it comes to serving patients with autism, because let's face it: there's only so much you need to know and there's only so much one can teach and/or learn during one morning/afternoon.

Also, remember that I am a PSYCHIATRIST, a Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK).  This means Ihave knowledge of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, from a professional point of view, too.

Personal qualifications & experience

I also have personal experience of autism from any perspective possible: not only I have a diagnosis of Atypical Autism myself (just barely missing the diagnosis of Asperger's), I also have nearly18 years of experience parenting my lovely son & daughter (both have been diagnosed with both Asperger's & ADHD).  I am also a wife to a wonderful, kind, caring and loving man on the spectrum - my soulmate.  I have an older brother with classic ADHD & autistic traits, and my father is solidly on the autism spectrum.  Autism 360 degrees..

My Teaching Qualifications & Experience

Employers & Educators Services

Schools, Universities, Community Colleges and Polytechs AND Employers: you all have a legal duty under The Equality Act 2010.

The duty to make REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS.  How do you decide what is REASONABLE?

What is the best way to support your student who seems to produce excellent written assignments but struggles to participate in classroom discussions?

Managers, HR, SENCOs & Disability Coordinators of institutions of Higher & Further Education: I want to help you to answer these questions!

Disability impact assessment

Detailed assessment of the impact that a neurodevelopmental condition & neurological disorders have on the employee or the student in question.  I offer not only my own knowledge & expertise in the disability assessment area, but the extra benefit of my network connections both with consultants in medicine and disability assessment consultants.

"Job coaching" or workplace coaching

What is job coaching?  It is literally coaching the person at the place of their work and/or studies, enabling them to utilise their abilities and resources in the most efficient and effective way in order to achieve maximum results.

maximum flexibility of service delivery

t This is not about flexibility of your employee, your student or your organisation.  Here I am talking about the flexible arrangements governing the working relationship between your organisation and myself.  I have TWO OPTIONS available to you:

I.  THE RETAINER OPTION.  If you are a large organisation, and are likely to need my consulting services more than once a year, I would recommend this option.  You benefit from:

1) a substantial discount on my consulting services;

2) a similar discount on my face-2-face corporate sessions in autism training

3) FREE access to my Autism Intro course on Udemy (in development, due for release in September 2019).


My Process: bespoke quality & affordability


The all-important first step: we discuss your  (or your organisation's) learning needs.  Most often, it can be done over phone or during a video chat.   In some cases I may have a good idea of those needs, thanks to the wide range of my experiences.  But your input is essential.


Your bespoke teaching session is created: no one-size-fit-all material. You have an opportunity to review the planned teaching session at least once, and we can iron any wrinkles off at this stage


This is when the session is delivered.  At the end of the session, there will be time to ask questions and fill-in the written feedback forms.   


With the feedback provided, I review the content and the form of the session, always aiming to improve.

Years of Professional Experience

Specialties & Subspecialties

Countries & HealthCare Systems